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another disturbing story. >> reporter: the gun was only as big as this smartphone. it was a small gun but caused a big panic around stemmers run middle school. >> reporter: police are still trying to piece together why a 13-year-old brought a gun to school. the 8th grader pulled out the semiautomatic handgun and pointed it around the classroom and at himself. that's when the teacher faced the teen and stood aground. >> the students in the classroom began to flee the classroom. another case where an educator acted hero click, physically -- heroically, physically unarming the young man. the gun fell to the floor. >> reporter: the teacher managed to call for help over her radio
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while holding the 8th grader down until a school resource coves officer -- officer arrived. the school did a robocal and parents, by the dozens descended on the school. >> it was a lockdown. so i immediately rushed up and shortly after got the kids out have school. >> we're getting pieces on the news, on the phone saying it was a boy with a gun and they wrestled him to the ground. well, why can't you let us know that? >> reporter: county police say in light of this and the incident at perry hall, what they're going to do now sin crease the police -- is increase the police presence. they already have resource
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officers scattered around schools. they will also add metal detector wands to see if there's any kind of contraband on that student. we'll have more at 6:00, including more reactions from parents and students. >> all right. rosie brought upper ri hall. we have some good news to tell you about on the perry hall shooting. tonight daniel proves once again that he is a fighter. >> how you doing, buddy. >> i've come a long way. >> much to the relief of mom, dad and the entire perry hall. >> the chaplain prayed over him
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and asked god to be with him and to be with him on this journey, and i think he has. he has given him a certain sense of calm. >> he is walking better, feeling better, but there's still a long road ahead. he lets us know that everything will be okay. as for his parents, they are very grateful. >> special thanks to all those out there who have been praying, communities coming together, people coming together and praying for our son. >> he's a fighter, and he has fought from the minute he was hurt. you know, i just can't say enough about him and how he has done what he had to do and came through for all of us. so i couldn't ask for a better
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son. >> just because dan yell's home doesn't mean he will be returning to school yet. his dad said home nursing, home row be a and getting his strength back is a priority. police say gladden brought the gun to school and assembled it. on the weather front, can it get any nicer? i don't think so? partly cloudy skies to the north but across central maryland, conditions are clear and cool and crisp. we've got high temperature of 80 degrees. most of the day, most of the state in the 70s with almost no humidity, what a gorgeous, gorgeous scenario. the rest of the evenings 70. we'll talk about how things will change potentially toward your weekend. we got that straight ahead. 11 years ago with the
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weather like today our weather changed. in baltimore our world trade center is part of a unique memorial to the victims of 9/11. the 9/11 memorial sits in the shadow. once a year the building acts as a sun dale. the shadow moves across the memorial, revealing inscription, the time of the event on 9/11. the memorial pace tribute to the six marylanders who lost their lives on that day. >> in anne arundel people gathered to pay tribute. >> the memorial at police and fire department headquarters featured two steel beams. john leopold said it's a day to remember not only the victims, but the heroes who saved lives.
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>> to honor not only the people who lost their lives, about 3,000 individuals, 68 maryland residents, but also to thank the first responders, the police, fire, medical personnel who went into those burning buildings. >> the county held a tribute in annapolis. when we woke up this morning it was the weather. a little before nine we all remember where we were 11 years ago. we remember who we lost, what we lost. in new york, they read the roll call of names. >> and my god mother. >> in shaimptionville people remembered the -- shanksville, people remembered. it was a struggle with the
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hijackers for control of the plane. >> my goal is we wish we didn't have to be here. wish we didn't have to commemorate this. the. >> the names of the passengers and crew were read at the month the plane crashed. bells were rung by surviving members who became involved in the aftermath of the crash. in washington, president obama and the first lady observed a month of silence on the south lawn. the obamas later layed a white
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ploarl wroaght and visited wounded soldiers at walter reed center. >> the best threng you can say about art modell is he made us forget our time without football. art modell may have been the only man to pull this off. >> owners and executives all gathered in park heights to bid farewell to one of pro football's visionaries. ravens players like joe flacco, ray rice and others, art modell changed the game and the men who played it. >> there is no jim brown.
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there is no baltimore ravens if there's no modell. the question he leaves today, if you did nothing else in life, what will you fight for? what legacy will you leave. >> reporter: modell helped the league break new ground, unionize and moving the two leagues into one and it would push the game's later to new heights. >> it's appropriate that last night, here in baltimore, the ravens hosted monday night football, one of the great success stories in televisn history. part and pete roselle created
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monday night football. >> reporter: raves owner steve biscotti rushed to his bedside soon t be joined by others. >> jan har bop and others came to visit poppy and hear the men who defend the flag of baltimore and the flag of the ravens, on their knees, praying with my father at his bedside with tears streaming down their face. perhaps one of the most powerful months and for that we are very grateful. >> reporter: coming up at six we'll hear from the nfl
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commissioner and one of the things missing, a place in the football hall of fame. >> on this day 10 years ago we lost a legend, john unitas. left us 10 years ago this very day. coming up, an elderly couple both in their 80s, found dead in their pikesville home. >> a lot of questions about who killed them and why. >> plus, a mother who lost her child after an allergic reaction calls for action. a lifesaving tool that's coming to schools. information about the multimillion dollar lawsuit and coverup against the queen anne's county sheriff.
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last year when a 7-year-old girl died at school from eating a peanut, her mom wanted to change the law and she did. our health reporter linda so tells us whatted new law means for upand your kids. >> reporter: it all started with this little gicialtion 7-year-old amaria johnson. the new a required schools to stock epipens. the school nurse at longfellow said they keep four epipens stocked in the nurse's office. >> our standing orders for use. >> reporter: she's trained all her teachers and the principal you had to use it. >> hold it in your fist like this. take the blue cap off.
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the needle goes in. >> reporter: and it's for students with life-threatening injuries. it could mean the difference between life and death. >> epipen can be very useful in a patient with an a lactic reaction. >> reporter: benjamin wear as medical bracelet to let people know how serious his allergies are. >> off the chart for peanuts. >> reporter: benjamin's mom said the new law is especially important for kids who might not know they have an allergy. >> if someone doesn't knee and they try something new, which we're always encouraging them to try new foods, and they have a reaction, we can do something about it. >> reporter: since seconds matter, having an epipen available can save your kid's life.
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>> for students with known allergies, parents are required to provide their own epipens. we'll take you inside the school to show you how teachers and staff are being trained to use those epipens properly. for more health stories anytime, head to right now you'll find information on the benefits of nonalcoholic red wine and how to talk to your child about 9/11. >> all right. let's talk about this gun today. it is our hot topic. two incidents of guns in baltimore county schools and two weeks. is it time for metal detectors. head to and let us know what you think. you can get the very latest updates. beautiful blue sky. that has been the story all day long. let's take a look at some of
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them. mt. airy at summit ridge, light breeze. towson, gorgeous sunshine. if you're out there take rag run, bike ride, maybe playing tennis, today was the day to do it. sunshine on tap in baltimore as we get ready for the orioles game tonight. the weather is looking mighty fine as it did last night for the big ravens victory. current conditions 78 degrees with a dew point of 42. it's dry. it is comfortable and the pressure as high as you'll ever see this. high pressure, sinking air, rain free, obviously, maryland's radar sweeping clear. temperatures running in the upper 70s, slightly comoorl in the mountains. temperatures at the beach right now still 70. water temps very, very warm. our satellite pictures very, very little action going on across the mid-atlantic states. a few clouds drifting. very few of those making their
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way into maryland. it measures the moisture in the air. it makes things comfortable. open up those windows at night and sleep well. the satellite radar pictures up and down the east there is nada. a couple storms off southwest florida, huge dome of high pressure in control over virginia, north carolina, and maryland. so dry weather continues to be our story and we'll continue -- will continue to be the same story into the day on thursday with a few showers beginning to develop maybe off scape hatteras and a new front pushing in toward the weekend. in the meantime it's quiet. the open atlantic quiet. we have a tropical depression 14 within an unmanned aircraft taking off from the d.c. area headed into the heart of this system. you see what happens down here with tropical depression number 14. it may develop into a hurricane
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over the next few days. tonight 52, continued clear, continued cool, more of the same. 81 tomorrow. sunny skies, going to be warm, dry and pleasant tomorrow night. clear again and cool again, too. let's check out the outlook here. the next three days carbon cop i, slightly warmer by thursday. maybe the sit ti will get to 58 or sho. as we look beyond the week into the weekend, that's where we see the possibility of a few showers on saturday. mae some scattered showers. some of those could linger into early sunday. right now the outlook is generally relatively dry. i mean, beyond the weekend even, we're in the upper 70s with a lot of sunshine in the mix. this is what we wait for all year, my friend. >> blue skies, the humiditys gone and it's not too cold yet. >> so everybody can lift the windows up tonight. >> let the air come on in.
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all right. abc2 investigators continue to work for you. new information whether a multimillion dollar lawsuit against a local sheriff and his brother that claimed sexual harassment and a cover have you. jmple jrm -- joce sterman broke the story and is back with an update. >> reporter: sheriff hoffman is being sued by a former detective who said she was fired after reporting a hex of sexual harassment and assault at the hands of the sheriff's brother. we're learning more about corporal john hoffman and the case that cost him his job. sheriff gary hoffman may be at the center of a $10.5 million lawsuit brought by one of his former dishects but -- detectives, but his brother is the reason. john hoffman pleaded after attacking christi taylor. but that may not have been his only unwanted advance.
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investigators pulled hoffman's case from the maryland police training commission. that agency revoked his law enforcement certification back in 2011. their records show detective murphy taylor claimed corporal hoffman assaulted her during a 2007 conference in california. them she claimed she reported the assault directly to the sheriff and he threatened her about telling anyone else. this shows corporal hoffman was investigated internally but never interrogated about his conduct with murphy taylor. instead, he just filled out a questionnaire. in his answers he said murphy flashed her breast at him several times, watched porn with him and asked him in 3e6ing a -- performing a sex act could help her get a promotion. murphy taylor denies the claims. records show that hoffman was never asked if the sexual
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contact was consensual. despite detective murphy taylor's claims in court, shr river hoffman said he was completely unaware of a situation between her and his brother. >> all right. thanks. you know, burglars can rob you, but this burglar should have stolen an aid lateral -- an alarm clock instead. >> abc2 news at 5 continues.
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let's go to north carolina. watch as this guy attempts to get into a barbecue restaurant. he use as shovel, butcher's
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niervetion even two shovels and the door won't budge. it wore him out. help ends up falling asleep. the would-be burglar sleeps for three hours. the sun comes up and he walks away. divers in the philippines plunged 80 feet under water to visit a stone icon of the virgin mary. the icon was placed on the sea port two months ago to stop fishermen from destroying the double barrier reef. the thought was it would stop the fishermen who are devout catholics, but several priests took advantage. we'll tell you what police do know tonight. plus, an extremely close call for the family of the
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weight loss program. it has day two of no school for students in chicago. high pressure is in control, keeping our skies blue, but for how long?
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